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World Handicap System

We are sure you have heard something about the World Handicap System being implemented in January 2020.  If you have not heard much or your want to know more, please click on this link and read the information from the USGA.  
World Handicap System

Welcome to the Olivas Weekend Women's Golf Club Website!

Ask our members and they will tell you that this is true.  The Olivas Weekend Women’s Golf Club was founded over 20 years ago to meet the needs of the working women.

Today that still holds true, however we have many members that are now retired but continue to stay with the Club because of friendships that have been formed over the years.  Being part of our club is a great way to meet women, make friends and form friendships that last a lifetime.

We have monthly tournaments that are mostly run by club member volunteers, we have a Member-Guest tournament in the early part of the year (to recruit new members), we have a two day Club Championship and we have a really fun Holiday tournament.

All of the tournaments are very competitive but mostly a lot of fun: we play individual, partner and team formats. 

Come and check us out!  We welcome you!


Tournament Tidbits

Congratulations to Sherry Wright, 2019 Club Champion with a total gross score of 145
and  to Karla Talavara, 2019 Club Champion, net. 


2020 Officers

Elections took place at our October play date.  By unanimous acclimation, the following Board members were elected for 2019.  
Slate of Officers
President   Chris Rettura
Vice-President   Barb Linski
Secretary Nancy Jelaca
Treasurer   Yvonne McMillen
WPLGA Delegate Yvonne McMillen
Tournament Chair   Margaret Roth
Handicap/Membership  Terry Ball
Rules   Dawn Hollingsworth

2019 USGA Rules Modernization

The USGA, in conjunction with the R&A, has determined updates to rules that will go into effect on January 1, 2019.  

A summary document has been made available from the USGA.  You may download it here.  

2019 Summary Rules Guide

The following link will take you directly to the USGA site where there is way better information than we can repeat here. 

2019 USGA Rules Changes

Our Goals



3rd Hole, Olivas Links, Ventura, California             



To promote, develop and regulate the interest of women’s golf and to govern the amateur golf activities of women golfers in accordance with the USGA.

To establish and maintain a uniform system of handicapping and adjusting handicaps of members, both in accordance with the rules of golf and the recommendations of the USGA.

To cooperate and comply with the rules and regulations of WPLGA and USGA and to encourage the etiquette of golf and high standards of sportsmanship.



Membership Conditions/Provisions…


Any female person over the age of 18 with a basic knowledge of the rules of golf is eligible for membership.

Prospective members will qualify by playing at least two games on regular tournament play days and submitting five score cards (two may be from the qualifying rounds) from any18 hole regulation golf course.

Prospective members with an established index through another club need only play one qualifying round with a board member.

Submit your membership application online by clicking the New Member? Join Here link.

Once the qualifications have been met, an index will be assigned.

Members must play to their handicap not to exceed 35.

Members share in club responsibilities and abide by WPLGA regulations and Club bylaws.